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Yankee Stadium 1923

Yankee Stadium, nicknamed "The House That Ruth Built" was a stadium located in The South Bronx, New York City, New York. It was the home ballpark of the New York Yankees, one of the city's Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises, from 1923 to 1973 and from 1976 to 2008 and the former home of the New York Giants football team. Yankee Stadium opened during the 1923 MLB season, with a capacity of 58,000 people. At the time, it was hailed as a one-of-a-kind facility in the country for its size. Over the course of its history, it became one of the most famous venues in the United States, having hosted a variety of events and historic moments during its existence. While many of these moments were baseball-related, including World Series games, no-hitters, perfect games, and historic home runs, the stadium also hosted boxing matches, concerts, Jehovah's Witnesses conventions, and three Papal Masses.

The stadium went through many alterations and playing surface configurations over the years. The condition of the facility worsened in the 1960s and 1970s, prompting its closing for renovation from 1974–1975. The renovation significantly altered the appearance of the venue and reduced the distance of the outfield fences.

In 2006, the Yankees began building a new stadium in public parkland adjacent to the stadium. Many of the iconic features of the original stadium, such as the frieze and Monument Park, were incorporated into the design of the new venue. Yankee Stadium closed following the 2008 baseball season, and the new stadium opened in 2009, adopting the "Yankee Stadium" moniker. The original facility was not demolished until 2010, nearly two years after it closed. The site has been converted into parkland Heritage Field, located within Macombs Dam Park.